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Burgener's Engineering Graphics 110 - 40, Fall 2000

Links to various lessons of this class:
Lesson #1, August 21, 2000
Lesson #2, August 28, 2000  
We skip Labor day Monday September 4th
Lesson #3, September 11, 2000 
Lesson #4, September 18, 2000 
Lesson #5, Sepember 25, 2000 
Lesson #6, October 2, 2000 
Lesson #7, October 9, 2000 
Lesson #8, October 16, 2000 
Lesson #9, October 23, 2000 
Lesson #10, October 30, 2000 
Lesson #11, November 6, 2000 
Lesson #12, November 13, 2000 
Lesson #13, November 20, 2000  
Lesson #14, November 27, 2000  
Lesson #15, December 4, 2000  
Final, December 11, 2000  

Accumulative Grade Averages 

Semester/Year: Fall, 2000
Curriculum Developer: Dr. Roger Lemasters and Paul Burgener
Date: August 2000
Instructor: Paul Burgener, 596-7573 (old home), 248-8835 (new home), 413-1550 (weak pager)
Local AutoCAD User Group:
Website for Class Lessons:
Website for Class Downloadables:
Website for TNCC:
First Class: Monday, August 21
Last Day to Add a New Class or Process a Section Change: Friday, August 25
Late Registration: Mon thru Fri, August 21-25
Last Day to Drop for Refund ("A" Session): Friday, September 1
We skip Labor day Monday September 4th
Last Day to Withdraw With a Grade of "W" ("A" Session): Friday, October 20
Thanksgiving Holiday (college closed), Thurs thru Sun, November 23-25
Last Lesson: Monday, November 27
Final Exam: Monday evening, regular class time, December 11

Textbooks: The REQUIRED textbook is Computer-Aided Engineering Drawing, Using AutoCAD, Second Edition, published by Glenco/McGraw-Hill, ISBN 0-02-801797-8

A highly recommended, but OPTIONAL book is AutoCAD 2000 Instant Reference by George Omura, published by Sybex Publishers, List Price: $19.99 Price: $17.99 ISBN: 0782124976

Grading Scale: Your final grade will be based on the following factors:
     Homework total average grade - 40%
     Quizzes, Midterm, and Final total average grade - 60%

Letter grades will be based on the standard scale:
    90 - 100       A
    80 - 89.99     B
    70 - 79.99     C
    60 - 69.99     D

Late turned in assignments: After grading your assignment, 10% will be taken off for each week (class session) the assignment is late. Under extreme circumstances, mercy MIGHT be provided if you notify me 24 hours BEFORE the scheduled due-date class for the assignment.

Missed quizzes and Exams: If you must miss a quize of exam for medical or other major reasons, you may make it up, provided you notify me within a day AFTER the scheduled class, AND complete the quize or exam BEFORE the next class session, when I'd like to return and discuss it with the class. Call or email me and I'll arrange for a time to proctor your quize or exam (though it may be different from what your classmates took at the scheduled class), during the week.

Cheating: All AutoCAD assignments will be collected electronically. No printouts of AutoCAD assignments are expected from students. I know several ways to confirm that students shared the same computer file. Please don't make me have to develop and check punishment (usually hours and hours of extra AutoCAD work) for cheaters. I've caught several cheaters over the years. Each time the penalty gets worse. Pretty soon I may just do the easiest thing, and simply fail the cheating students for the entire semester.

Please check your student handbook for further information on the school policy for scholastic dishonesty.

I encourage students to share notes and give each other verbal advice and tips for homework and exam preparation. Each student, however, is expected to complete his/her own homework assignments. No communication among students (within reason) is allowed during quizzes and exams. Some exams and quizzes will be open book, others won't.

Between Class Practice: With a few exceptions (like the first week or two), students will be required to complete assignments with AutoCAD computer software, every class. You will need to use AutoCAD between classes. Although the classroom is equiped with AutoCAD 2000, it is possible (although not recommended) to complete homework with offsite computers (at home or your job) and older versions of AutoCAD (R13 or R14). If this is your choice, please discuss it with your instructor as soon as possible, but not during class time. While in class, you should save your work in an older file format.

The TNCC book store sells AutoCAD software for academic use. Prices continually change. Since we won't likely get into 3D work until late in the semester, you might choose to purchase a recent version of AutoCAD LT, for around $150, rather than the student version of full AutoCAD 2000 for around $400. Midway through the semester, though, you'll have to obtain access to the full AutoCAD. The classes and computer center will likely be less crowded that late in the semester. Call or visit the TNCC bookstore for requirements (student status), and prices of academic software at: 825-2864 Have proof that you are a student in an AutoCAD class. You may also check the school website, or websites: and (phone 800/826-0570) or

You are encouraged, but not required to attend the local AutoCAD User Group meetings, which occur every third Thursday, each month. Please check the website (above) for user group topics. The website Resources page has several links to AutoCAD tutorials.

The Thomas Nelson Academic Computer Lab has 8 copies of AutoCAD 2000. This facility is located behind the campus library, in Wythe Hall, Room 255. Call 825-2993 for the hours and other details. Their webpage (although rather old) with the hours is:

Shipyard employees may continue AutoCAD at one of the NNS Night School classes, with instructor permission. For information about NNS AutoCAD night classes, please call Shirley Smith-King at: 688-8608 or email to: . You may also work in the NNS Learning Center, Bldg 500, 2nd floor. Call 688-7246 or 688-0688 for hours, policies, and possibly other locations.

You may also continue AutoCAD assignments in either of the two TNCC CAD labs (Rooms 418 and 404), between classes. Unfortunately, official policy requires the CAD labs be locked when no instructor is present. Always carry proof that you are a student in an AutoCAD class. Please be prepared to leave when told to do so by an instructor or the campus police. If an instructor is present, it is likely you will be permitted to work quietly in the back of the classroom. Please ask the instructor for permission, without disrupting his/her class.

General Notes:
1. Label your floppy (available at cost in class) with your name, semester and year, and EGR-110-40. Have a second floppy for backup copies of your AutoCAD files. Files get currupted for no apparent reason.
2. To logon the PCs, use for the userid: student418 for the password: student, in the GATERNET domain. You WON'T be able to save files on the computers.
3. Sample and template files are in the Class Downloadables webpage above. You should plan to download these files to a floppy disk (your "working" disk) between classes. I'll warn you when we'll need these files and which ones.
4. Please don't make any alterations to the computer settings (screen savers, resolution, mouse speeds, etc). You may call up standard AutoCAD toolbars and menus, but please do not customize.
5. On all problems, include your name, date, EGR-110-40, and file name, large enough for a printout. Your instructor MIGHT printout your assignments between classes. Students are NOT expected to use printers at home or in class. All AutoCAD work will be collected (somehow) electronically.
7. Students must attend at least 13(?) classes, and pass all quizzes and exams to receive credit.
8. For information on canceled classes, check the webpage for the upcoming lesson (week) first. Then call or email me, if necessary.
9. Please logoff at the end of each class, and turn off your computers and monitors. 10. No computer files should be stored on the hard disks (except in the C:/Temp folder, which may be erased between classes). It's recommended you carry at least two 3-1/2 floppies with you, for saving your work, and making a periodic backup copy of critical files. On occasion you'll need to download files from the class website (see 3. above), such as the ASIZE.dwg title block and border drawing. These files should be kept on your "working" floppy disk, to be available during class and while working off site on AutoCAD assignments.
11. Be aware computer files occasionally become currupt for unknown reasons. I MIGHT be able to restore the automatically saved file your classroom computer's "C:/Temp" directory... maybe. Please save your work to your floppy every ten minutes while working, as a good habit. DON'T remove your floppy from the computer, while your drawing is still on the screen. This occasionally currupts files.
12. Usually, the extra copies of handouts will be placed in a folder under the virus checking computer, just past the entrance door, by the pencil sharpener. If you miss a class, please check this folder for what you missed. Always check the website before and after class for what's planned to be handed out and what REALLY was handed out. I'll update the repective webpage after each class (time permitting). 13. Please don't ask me to take time out of class (even the first minutes) to ask for personal help. If at all possible, contact me via email between classes. I'll write back or call you to help, or we can schedule a time to get together between classes.

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