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Final Exam (Week #16)

EGR-110-40, Burgener, Monday, December 11th, 2000

Administrative notes and announcements:

Don't forget to check your grades. The grades page of this website was updated just before tonight's class. Check it so I don't have to hold up the entire class grades to inspect and correct your grade/s. Be aware that I changed a couple, thinking they were typos.

Also be aware three of you still have an assignment or two to turn in. I tried to send emails this morning to warn you.

Textbook Significant Facts:

None. Copies of the spreadsheet of grades are available, though.

Returned Papers:
I returned the Tolerance printouts and the charts of the Vector analysis assignment, both assigned last week.

Collected during class:
I expect there'll be a couple stray assignments turned in for late credit.

Due next class:

However, check back to this page again, later this week. I'll post a screen capture of the CAD practical portion, and I'll have the final grades (baring any late arrival assignments) posted on the grades page.

I doubt I'll post all the answers to the true/false and multiple choice questions. Email me directly if you'd like your paper returned, and I'll think of some way to get it back to you. Maybe I'll leave it/them under the virus checking computer near the door to the room.

Final Exam Heads Up:
Study your Quiz, Midterm, and Home Work assignments. Be prepared to see several problems or questions you've seen before, reworded a bit.

The Final exam will be the usual time we have class. It's open books, computer, notes, etc.

Also, in the past I've been burned for taking too long to turn in the final grades. If there are any questions about loose ends or missed assignments, PLEASE get with me soon, so I don't have to delay the final grades to make the resolution.

Stay in touch.
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