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Lesson (Week) #6,

EGR-110-40, Burgener, Monday October 2nd, 2000

Administrative notes and announcements:

Oh, to avoid currupting your drawings, please close your drawing BEFORE pulling your floppy out. If your drawing remains on the screen, there exists a slight "capillary" link between the screen and your floppy. Breaking this link causes SOME files to get currupted.

Collected: Page 26 orthographic "complete the views" puzzles. A few people got near perfect papers earlier on Page 27, and don't need to turn in Page 26. I'll repeat their percentages again on Page 26.

Returned: Plots of the Page 158/221 CAD problems. Most people got perfect scores (I graded them in a good mood and in a rush). A few still need help with LTSCALE, and Linetypes. I'll review these concepts at the start of class tonight.

Quiz review: Questions?

Quiz: Time limit?

New AutoCAD Solid commands:
EXTRUDE(on Solids Toolbar, AND on Solids Editing Toolbar)
UNION (on Solid Editing Toolbar)
SUBTRACT (on Solid Editing Toolbar)
FILLET for solids (Same old FILLET you already know)
At this point, you SHOULD be able to complete the Page 248, FIG. 8-1-B assignment (see last week's webpage for sample)

If time permits, we'll continue solids modeling and editing with:
BOX (on Solids Toolbar)
CYLINDER (similar to EXTRUDing a circle, on Solids Toolbar)
WEDGE (on Solids Toolbar)
SLICE (on Solids Toolbar)
ROTATE3D (on Menu Modify>3D Operations, or type in)
MIRROR3D (on Menu Modify>3D Operations, or type in)
ALIGN (on Menu Modify>3D Operations, or type in)

UCS control: 3-Point p637, X, Y, Z rotation p636 and View (On UCS Toolbar, or type-in "UCS")
UCSICON Origin (Menu View>Display>UCS Icon)

Due next week: AutoCAD 2D and 3D Solid, Page 248, FIG. 8-1-B, Shaft Base, including full-section, and solid model, as shown below. Use 1/16 for spotfaces. Egnore surface finishes. See sample below.

p248-1.gif Completed 2D and  3D

p248-2.gif Construction lines, close up