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Lesson (Week) #7,

EGR-110-40, Burgener, Monday October 9th, 2000

Turn In:
Turn in the digital file for your homework for Page 248, FIG. 8-1-A, the Shaft Base. Use the process we've used twice before for the earlier homework and last week's quiz, on the back computer.

Page 26 Orthographic puzzles
Quiz papers, along with plot of your Quiz AutoCAD 2D assignment.

WARNING: Midterm will be NEXT WEEK, on October 16th. I reserve the right to repeat any and all questions from past homeworks and the quiz. Be ready for a practical portion, like on the quiz, or any of the homeworks. The practical MIGHT involve a 3D solid model, requiring EXTRUDE. Be ready to INSERT ASIZE into your Midterm Practical exam. Expect say 3 hours for the Midterm exam.

Check out the webpage update for Week #5. I added the page numbers and topics we covered in the Chapter 8 on Section Views. Be prepared for some True/False, Multiple Choice, or Fill-in questions about Chapter 8 topics we covered.

Oh, once again, please shut down your monitor and computer at the end of each class. Ask for proper procedure if you're not already familiar.

Review results and grades of last week's Quiz:
Nobody got a perfect paper. A couple students didn't turn in the 10-point Quiz 2D CAD file at all. The maximum was 54 points. See the Grades spread sheet screen capture, linked to the Index page for EGR 110. See the solutions to the orthographic puzzles below.

Several students are still altering the linetype, linetype scalem, and/or color by assigning these properties to individual lines arcs and circles. For purposes of this class (especially for 2D work) only the layer settings should control linetypes and colors. These properties of the lines arcs, and circles should always be Bylayer to allow the layer settings to work. The linetype scale should ONLY be altered globally by using LTSCALE (type in).

quiz-1.gif Orthographic puzzles

Review results of homework page 26, orthographic puzzles.

p26-2c.jpg Orthographic puzzles
p26-robinson2.gif Orthographic puzzles Solids

New AutoCAD commands (if time allows):
BOX (on Solids Toolbar)
CYLINDER (similar to EXTRUDing a circle, on Solids Toolbar)
WEDGE (on Solids Toolbar)
SLICE (on Solids Toolbar)
Review: ROTATE3D (on Menu Modify>3D Operations, or type in)
MIRROR3D (on Menu Modify>3D Operations, or type in)
ALIGN (on Menu Modify>3D Operations, or type in)
UCS control: 3-Point p637, X, Y, Z rotation p636 and View (On UCS Toolbar, or type-in "UCS")
UCSICON Origin (Menu View>Display>UCS Icon)
MAYBE: Paper Space floating viewports. We'll soon be learning "auxilary views" where several 3D views are plotted on the same sheet of paper. Skim through Chapter 12 (pages 389 to 394) to take a look at Auxiliary views, if your get a chance. Don't take any time to read it, though. We won't be learning the old manual methods.

Handed out: No handouts this lesson.

Due next week:
Study for the Midterm !! Study your homework and the quiz !! Review class notes and the webpages for reminders of what we covered. Study Chapter 8 on Section Views. See webpage for Week #5 for the topics we covered in Chapter 8 on Section Views in your textbook. Prepare for another practical exam, that MIGHT require a solid model using EXTRUDE, like the Page 248, FIG. 8-1-A, the "Shaft Base" you turned in at the start of class tonight. Be ready to INSERT ASIZE.