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Burgener's Surplus Building Materials and Other Stuff

Last update: March 1, 2001

Please wait. The first graphic below, is a single scan of three pictures of the telephone pole bridge. It's about 17 feet long and 5 feet wide. These pics are 8 years old or so. Since these were shot, 5 boards have been rotted or pulled off. They shouldn't be any problem to replace. I have plnety of laminated shipyard stageboards or pressure treated 2 by 12s to cut and nail down.
Notice the bird in the top picture, for perspective of the size. The third picture shows a cinder block under the bridge.
I can borrow a car-carrying trailer and truck to deliver it, within reason.

bridge.jpg, 3 shots vertical, of telephone pole bridge.

map.gif, Map to the house where MOST of the stuff still sits.

Directions: From Hines Middle School and the Midtown Recreation Center, go north on Jefferson 3 stop lights. Turn right onto Lyliston (just before Subway). 30 Lyliston is on the right side, with a fire hydrant at the driveway, roughly 10 street lights from Jefferson.

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Contact information: Paul Burgener,, 599-1166 (days), 249-8835 (home)

The old house (see map above) is for sale for $84,000. Check out the ad at: