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Church pictures

Last update: October 20, 2000

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youth-ft-fun.jpg Youth at Fort Fun, April 1997
The Hilton youth at Fort Fun, April 1997.

youth-99.jpg Youth in Atlanta, 1999
Kathryn, Barbara, and the Hilton youth, at the Bayley's cabin, near Atlanta, summer 1999.

grampa-bayley.jpg Host Mr. Bayley and friend, in Atlanta, 1999
Barbara's father, Mr. Bayley, and his new grandson, 1999

wheel-race.jpg Youth in Florida, 1999
Last one through the mud hole is a rotten egg!!
Hilton youth at the Florida mission project, 1999.

mud-matt.jpg Matt, AFTER the excavation in Florida, 1999
Matt, after digging and un-digging the missionary training area's new parking lot.
Florida youth mission trip, 1999.