2001-fall-finals.doc - Word file with screen captures of the 4 final projects from the non-credit night class: Piano Keyboard, Canoe frame, trike, and camper extension.

burgener-3.exe - burgener-3.exe.

boat.gif - boat.gif .

Grinder-support.GIF - Grinder-support.

grindersupport.dwg - Multi-axis support of a bench grinder. Actual design.

kwang.zip - Kwang Lee's final folder of files, the Bic pen, with slide files, script and the .dwg (I think).

lightpole.GIF - Standard picnic table under a modern street lamp.

pen.GIF - Kwan Lee's Bic pen model. See folder "Kwang" for all the files.

titleblocks.zip - 2 drawings with ready-made titleblocks and borders: Asize and Bsize. Couple "standard" layers and textstyles included. I have my students insert them into Model of Paperspace.

a2000upmod1_eval.exe - Free downloaded excerpt of courseware for AutoCAD.

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