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Accumulative Grade Averages for the students in Burgener's EGR-110-40, Engineering Graphics, Monday evenings, Fall 2000.

The below "screen capture", in .gif format shows the most recent status of the class grades, and the calculated grade average for each student. Based on the grading rules and grading scale in the class syllabus (given out the first day of class), the bottom "Accumulative" grade is what each respective student would receive if the class was forced to end at this instant.

Be aware that some grades are not yet determined, due to missed classes, bad floppy drives in the class, or other reasons. These missing grades may cause the accumulative grade calculation to be erroneous. Please be patient while I catch up grading these "unique" assignments and exams. Email me at any time if you see missing or incorrect grades

Please email to, or call 249-8835 if you have any questions or corrections. I'd rather not take time during class if we can avoid it.

grades.gif Screen Capture of Grades Spreadsheet