Last update: July 14, 2001
Paul Burgener, 249-8835 (new house),

Please email or call if you see anything you can't live without.

82 Volvo 245 wagon, AC, PDL, 4 SP/OD, 185K, brakes bad, use for parts $400

Mini-blinds for windows:
32 inch wide by 64 inches long, ivory vinyl
34.5 x 59, ivory vinyl, a few broken blades
34.5 x 53 ivory vinyl
34.25 x 62.5 ivory
34.25 x 61.25 ivory
34.25 X 62 ivory
34-9/16 x 62 ivory
35 x 64 white, 3 total
36 x 64

Lead weights, 3 to 5 pounds, mostly wheel weights, some plumbing stock.
Computer printers, dot-matrix, 2 or 3, believe still work, driver unknown.
Old chemistry lab beam balance scale. No weights, needs clean up, and free weights. Bicycle carrier, clamp-on bumper, grey
Wheels with tires, from riding mowers, 2 solid rubber, two with air, one leaks.
Pickup truck bumper, C-channel, hitch ball on step, rusted. I may us it myself to replace the van's bent-up bumper and clamped-on hitch.
Electric fence wire, steel and copper, >300 feet, most is rusted some
Burglar alarm switch, good for under rug of elderly
2 riding mowers (only one rider runs well) may want $ for the best, may leave one or both with the house.
Sliding glass doors, 12 match, 2 screens, for pool enclosure or green house. Sorry. I want to enclose the screened-in patio at the new house with them.
Home-made compressor with enough parts to repair, with 6 or 10 gallon tank.
Squirrel cage fan, good for garage, mounts in rafters, cord installed.
Cut off grinding wheel, 12-inch
Dozens of lawn mower wheels (might keep them to make dollies)
Dozens of office chair wheels (may make dollies out of them)
Water or oil pump, positive displacement, belt driven, no motor.
Compressors, central A/C, 2 or 3, for air compressor project.
Small fuse boxes and isolation switches, 2 to 4. May use for new welder outlet.
Telephone wire, in-wall and for poles, possibly 100 ft total. May use under new house for new phone jack to computer.
Hose for compressor, blue, various lengths, hardly used, splice together.
Bicycle parts, one box, 1 or 2 wheels.
Hydraulic door closer, condition unknown.
Tension springs from car hoods, and several lighter springs.
Horse shoe set (may give to Village Green park)
Bicycle 10-speed, with baby seat, hasn't moved in years
Fiber glass air tank, 4 or 5 feet long, minor leak.
Freon tanks, 4 to 6, mostly 2 or 3 gallon.
What can I use?

o Old picture calendars- someone donated 2 laundry baskets of brand new picture frames to the church. With the old calendars, kids can cut out and install the pictures (landscapes, sail boats, animals, etc) in the picture frames and deliver to old folks homes, or sell at the anual yard sale.

o 3-ring standard 8-1/5 by 11 inch binders- Nick's school appreciated any notebooks they can get. The teachers keep a few handy and toss them at the deliquent kids who say they can't afford the required 3-ring notebooks.

o Old CDs- Always good for decorations. One source used them strung together as crape paper at a music award show. Another is making a "bead curtain" out of them.

o 3-1/2 inch HD floppies.- Clearing out a whole shoe box? I'll quickly re-format them after class (using several computers at once), put blank labels on them and give them to new students.
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