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Paul Burgener, 249-8835 (new house),

17 years of back-yard pack-ratting is being cleared out to sell our house. Nearly my entire inventory of surplus parts and material has GOT to go. Please email or call if you see anything you can't live without. What's left when we move will probably be given to the new owner, set on the curb, or tossed over Kincaid's fence.

Got a friend who's looking for a starter house? Bit of a gardener or tinkerer? Wants a huge yard and big garage? In midtown? Check out our old house "For Sale" ad at:

82 Volvo 245 wagon, AC, PDL, 4 SP/OD, 185K, brakes bad, use for parts $400
Encyclopedia set, complete, circa 1985. Passed to Emrys.

Gas tank, steel, for boat, 5-gallon.

Storm windows, triple track. Sizes:
44 inches wide by 60 inches tall
44 by 55
44 by 55
44 by 55-3/4
30 by 54-1/4
30 by 54-1/4
24 by 42-1/4
These measurements are the overall dimensions (not just the opening they cover). Most of them also have extensions that can stretch the outer dimensions maybe 1 or 2 more inches. Screens are old aluminum, but not torn.
Dishwasher, built-in (under counter). Works, but not really well. Jean Ann made me transfer the one she used in the old house. I'd planned to re-install this one at the old house and let go with the house, depending on the negotiations. Right now it's sitting there unconnected. Anybody care to make me an offer for it? We'll rent the house dirt cheap to a Bosnian refugee family. I'll install it at the old house.
Mini-blinds for windows:
32 inch wide by 64 inches long, ivory vinyl
34.5 x 59, ivory vinyl, a few broken blades
34.5 x 53 ivory vinyl
34.25 x 62.5 ivory
34.25 x 61.25 ivory
34.25 X 62 ivory
34-9/16 x 62 ivory
35 x 64 white, 3 total
36 x 64

Lead weights, 3 to 5 pounds, mostly wheel weights, some plumbing stock.
Truck runner boards, aluminim, over 60 inches long, with hardware

Containers for model painting, soda bottle caps, communion cups, aprox 1 gallon. Gone.
Screen door, unfinished wood, hardly used, all hardware, no frame, 36 wide, 81 (or so) tall). Gone.
Computer printers, dot-matrix, 2 or 3, believe still work, driver unknown.
Old chemistry lab beam balance scale. No weights, needs clean up, and free weights. Girl's bike, 21 inch wheels, good shape but MIGHT need kickstand Promised to "Jenny" next door on Crown Point, in the spring.
Small mirror, was door to small medicine cabinet, some tarnish
Bowling ball, with carrying case, black, believe 16 lb, with 10D men's shoes Gone. Sold at the agency silent auction.
Steel sheets, duct metal-thick, 2 by 4 ft, 3 by 4, 3 total, 2 galvanized
Bicycle, small boy's, 16 inch wheels, one flat tire
Hose, black rubber, traffic counter, 5/8 OD, low pressure or suction, 50 feet
Hubcaps from circa 70 cars, 6 or 8 various
Bicycle carrier, clamp-on bumper, grey
Air shocks, possibly from '74 Ford Torino
Wheels with tires, from riding mowers, 2 solid rubber, two with air, one leaks.
Catalytic converters, from mid or large GM cars, rusty, 2 or more
Roof turbine vent and base, good condition
Seed/lime spreader and adapter to connect trailer hitch ball. Chetnoid took it.
Badminton Rackets, 2 (see net below)
A/C compressor, Chrysler car, age unknown
A/C compressor, small window units, or fridge, 2
Buckets, 5-gallon, from drywall, 3 or 4
Extension cord, spring retracting, condition unknown. Sam got it.
Swivel chair base, wood, good for rotating TV.
Flower pots, cheap plastic, 8 to 12, may go to Palumbos
Electric cords off tools and appliances, some grounded, 8 to 12, <3 ft long
Boat trailer tongue, 2 by 3 inch, 8 ft long. Hackett?
Pickup truck bumper, C-channel, hitch ball on step, rusted. I may us it myself to replace the van's bent-up bumper and clamped-on hitch.
Pole, aluminum, 9 ft, 2-1/2 OD
Firewood, 10 split pieces, wood unknown. (Probably will take to new house)
Wheel barrow frame, 12-inch solid rubber tire, no tub
Christmas tree stand, homemade, large, for fake tree, might be used for patio table base
Fans, squirrel cage, 2, one large
Baby stroller, folding, with shade and bucket, blue Gone. Given to King's Daughter's
Frying pan, electric, with thermostat broke when recently dropped, will scrap
Transmissions, 1 from riding mower, one from old washer, good for electric winch project
Cruise control parts, possibly entire kit
Voltage regulator, Filko, circa 70 car
Electric fence wire, steel and copper, >300 feet, most is rusted some
Pictures, mostly scenic calendars, for mod-podge crafts (Already taken to church for filling donated picture frames)
Burglar alarm switch, good for under rug of elderly
Rake head, steel, needs handle (already tossed into Kincaid's junk car)
Extension cords, 50 ft, 100 ft, needs ends repaired.
Trailer, utility, made from pickup, tires leak slowly, no tailgate, high sides (Mike O gets dibbs).
Trailer, utility, another one very similar to above, but with terribly rusted out bed, and crushed hitch coupling. One tire leaks. Might convert into a tilt-trailer.
Volley ball/badminton net with poles.
Telephone poles, 3, 8 to 12 foot.
Tow bars, 1 or 2 are left, bolt on, use 1-7/8 ball
Trailer hitches, some with hitch balls (4 to 6). I hope to weld a "kick stand" for trailers, and use another to make a trailer-dolly.
Steel C-channels (aprox 7 inch web), 10 to 12 feet long, 2 or 3, good for shed project. Chetnoid staked claim.
Propane tanks, large whole-house (2), several grill-sized. Probably out of hydro date.
Beer keg, assume stainless steel, 7 or 10 gallon. Rick got it.
Bridge made with phone poles and stage boards, 17 ft long, 5 ft wide, missing some boards, for floating peer? Hackett might take it.
2 riding mowers (only one rider runs well) may want $ for the best, may leave one or both with the house.
Various mower parts, 3 "generic" gas tanks, one or two boxes, one seized mower. (I gave these to my mechanic, when I dropped off one of the riding mowers for repair.) Chetnoid staked claim to one
Basketball posts and hoops, one 15-ft tall with concrete tire base, 2 water-filled that need repair. one was given to the silent auction at church, the other Woodie may still fix.
Picnic table, wooden, some warps, some paint spots.
Styrofoam sheets, inch thick, 3 or 4 ft long, 6 to 18 inch wide.
Log-"lifter" for a chain sawing logs. Chetnoid staked claim.
Log-hauling trailer (winch a log up under, and drive it away) May store under power lines at Village Green
Stage board, 12 to 15 ft, aprox 2-1/2 inch thick
Sliding glass doors, 12 match, 2 screens, for pool enclosure or green house. Sorry. I want to enclose the screened-in patio at the new house with them.
Turbo 350, short-shaft, drilled for 81 Buick V-6
Slant-6 225 engine and A/T from '72 Scamp
Front axles and wheels (tires removed) from circa 67 Chevy truck, for trailer project.
Front axles from '74 or so Torino, good for trailer project, may have a wheel or two.
Shock absorbers from '82 Buick Regal, good for trailer project.
Home-made compressor with enough parts to repair, with 6 or 10 gallon tank.
Several screw, bumper, and scissors jacks. Sam got 'em, except for the bumper jacks.
Picnic table frame, rusty, needs boards.
Mini bike frames, one with springs, flat tires, 2 total. Chetnoid took 'em.
Horizontal shaft B&S engine, 5 hp I think, needs carb rebuild, might resurrect one mini bike. Chetnoid took that, too.
Office chairs, rocker, 3, arms, need welding repair/s, or new wheeled base.
Computer desk, particle board, no top book shelf, needs end board.
Shelves, 12 to 15 steel, like at 7-11, aprox 16 inches by 3.5 feet, hook on vertical columns. Hope to use them in new house.
CB Radios, 3, need repair, hand held with antennae.
Squirrel cage fan, good for garage, mounts in rafters, cord installed.
Glass insulators from power lines, clear, marginal antiques, 12 to 20. Sam got 'em.
Motorcycle helmet, white, some marks.
Automotive water injection kit, in box, from 60's.
Table saw, missing fence and T-square, runs, I think. Chetnoid took it.
Gravity-feed, light-oil wall furnace (condition unknown)
Cut off grinding wheel, 12-inch
Outdoor light fixtures, 2 or 3 "bells", 10 wall-mount porch lights, black with frosted glass. Might install in new attic or crawl space.
Kleenex dispenser, chrome, retracts under dashboard. Rick staked claim.
Can and bottle collection from US, some foreign, few bags worth. Gave to Cabell.
10 years out of date boat safety flares and gun.
Sheet metal and plastic above-ground swimming pool walls, for shed roof.
Several truck and car coil springs for playground rocker projects.
Old stereos, at least 3, some work, some don't.
Single 7-ft tall locker, gray, really ugly, lock up your guns or poisons.
16-foot fiberglass boat with 4-cycle 50-hp outboard, paddles, preservers, '64, anchor/s, no trailer, may want $200
Dozens of seat belts.
Dozens of old fan belts and pulleys.
Dozens of lawn mower wheels (might keep them to make dollies)
Dozens of office chair wheels (may make dollies out of them)
Dozens of bed frames and iron pipes (may make shelving or dollies out of them)
PVC guttering and down spouts, white, 15 to 20 feet, several fittings (may let remain with house)
Chain link fence, >60 ft top rails, several posts, box of hardware, 75 ft fabric. May use the top pipes for frames for shelving.
Interior doors, 8 or 10, various widths, all cardboard-cored and flat. I've painted several and installed 2 or 3 as shelves at the new house. One will stay with the old house, and one will be be cut into a small closet door for the old house.
Aluminum foil, soda-can thick, corrugated., aprox 20 pounds, hate to sell for scrap.
Iron pipe wind chimes, heavy, needs assembly. Rich staked claim.
Plexiglas sheets, may use for storm windows. Biggest sheet went to Bob for lizard cage.
Fiberglass roofing sections, 4 or 5, 2 ft wide, white. May go to Olson.
Tire rack, 7 ft tall, rusty bed frame-built. Kincaid will use or scrap it.
Insecticide sprayer, metal, Sears, may need part.
Water or oil pump, positive displacement, belt driven, no motor.
Compressors, central A/C, 2 or 3, for air compressor project.
Small fuse boxes and isolation switches, 2 to 4. May use for new welder outlet.
Propane camp stove for pots, not a grill. Gave to Steve G for scouts.
Telephone wire, in-wall and for poles, possibly 100 ft total. May use under new house for new phone jack to computer.
Electric motors, several, 1/4 to 1/2 hp, maybe 3/4, one with variable gear reducer.
Steel rods, 30 to 50, 3/8 inch threaded, aprox 18 inches long, good for welded anchers.
Vinyl music records, 2-foot stack, good for making candy dishes in oven.
Several outdoor railings from porch, stairs, or ramps, "wrought" iron, black and white, good for trailer sides, or maybe firewood rack.
Jaguar wheel with tire, circa 1930?
Porch corner columns, 2, black wrought iron, good for book shelf project.
Hose for compressor, blue, various lengths, hardly used, splice together.
Rust-proofing kit from 70's, might still be good.
Car horns, mirrors, lights, several.
Electric space heater, very old, asbestos cord. Given to King's Daughter's .
Bicycle parts, one box, 1 or 2 wheels.
Hydraulic door closer, condition unknown.
Tension springs from car hoods, and several lighter springs.
Garage door tension springs Dropped off at Bob's.
Steel toed boots, size 10 or 11, mildewed.
Horse shoe set (may give to Village Green park)
Trailer fenders, never used, dual-axle, white (may sell in Trading Post).
Bicycle baskets, paper boy style, 2 or 3 smaller ones, one folding.
Bicycle 10-speed, with baby seat, hasn't moved in years
Bicycle, English-built 3-speed, needs adjustment, hasn't moved in years. Dropped off at Kings Daughters.
Fiber glass air tank, 4 or 5 feet long, minor leak.
Freon tanks, 4 to 6, mostly 2 or 3 gallon.
Privacy fence, 2 8-foot sections. May block off trailers at new house with them.

What can I use?

o Old picture calendars- someone donated 2 laundry baskets of brand new picture frames to the church. With the old calendars, kids can cut out and install the pictures (landscapes, sail boats, animals, etc) in the picture frames and deliver to old folks homes, or sell at the anual yard sale.

o 3-ring standard 8-1/5 by 11 inch binders- Nick's school appreciated any notebooks they can get. The teachers keep a few handy and toss them at the deliquent kids who say they can't afford the required 3-ring notebooks.

o Old CDs- Always good for decorations. One source used them strung together as crape paper at a music award show. Another is making a "bead curtain" out of them.

o 3-1/2 inch HD floppies.- Clearing out a whole shoe box? I'll quickly re-format them after class (using several computers at once), put blank labels on them and give them to new students.
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