Flag-Raise.jpg - Comparison between the Marines flag raising and the WTC flag photo.

japan-nosu.gif - Quote after Pearl Harbor by the Japanese Admiral.

mc-laden-burger.jpg - Photo of new McDonalds hamburger.

pass-flag-hs-art.jpg - High school sketch art about a fireman passing the flag to the soldier.

philosophy_comparison.jpg - Patton's words about making the OTHER guy die for his county.

poems-prayers.doc - Tear Jerk and humorous poems, songs, and prayers.

powell-can.jpg - Powell threatening to open a can.

priceless-self-fire.jpg - Flag burner gets burned.

roof.jpg - Marina roof with huge US flag painted.

prize-patrol.jpg - Tank with Publisher Clearing House sign about prizes being given.

airplanecockpit1.jpg - New fanatic-proof cockpit door.

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